Wednesday, December 7, 2011

THE TWILIGHT SAGA, Vol. 2 - Delicious Talk Podcast, Episode #26

Hi Listeners!

Here's episode #26! Another special edition of Delicious Talk! The 2nd installment of our delicious Twilight series!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out on November 18, 2011 - Nadine, Anika and Monica dish about their favorite scenes and much, much more!

Chime in with your thoughts and let us know how you liked Breaking Dawn, Part 1!

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Blair said...

I love how you guys put these shows together with songs from the Twilight movies in the background!!

Here go my comments as I listen along:

I am ROTFLMAO at the popsicle stuff! That is so true!!! Like Monica, that never occurred to me, but it's so true, he is cold!!

Bella's make-up was on point. I hope they get an Oscar or something for it too.

Like Monica, I liked the scene at the wedding with the toasts too, Emmitt was too funny! But the broken headboard was my favorite! and when the housekeepers open the door and see the mess, Awesome!!

I have to agree about Renesmee, stupidest name choice EVAH!! No good, Stephanie!

I didn't know the DVD comes out so soon, thanks! February I'll be first in line, can't wait to have it. I have all the other Twilight movies.

This is my favorite of them all so far, probably tied with Twilight. It was low budget, but I fell in love with Edward and Bella from it! Their love is so deep and passionate!!

Popsicle scene??? Still cracking me up with that!!

I give the movie 5 snaps!! The wolf scene grew on me after I saw it a second time. I did think it was a little weird at first, but it did grow on me.

This was good!! Keep em coming! You guys are a trip!!

Blair said...

I forgot to mention that I have seen this 4x now! I am addicted!!

connie5781 said...

I'm dead at the popsicle visual! Enjoyed your discussion ladies!!

I loved BD...going to see it again this weekend!!


Toni Harrison said...

OMG you guys are too funny!! I've seen it twice already and plan to go again tomorrow night!


Jerri Taylor said...

Great discussion, cracked me up! Waiting for part two with bated breath!

Do you guys think they did the split at a good part? Bella opening her eyes as a vampire??

carla said...

ROTFLMBO, yeah I think sex with Edward would be like doing it with an icicle or a popsicle - LOL!! Romanticizing it wins out in the end though.....cute podcast. Carla

Jen said...

I listened to this with my best friend and we both cracked up. We've seen it 3 times and plan to go again next weekend.

Debbie Richards said...

This is fantasy, so it doesn't have to make perfect sense!