Tuesday, November 1, 2011

THE TWILIGHT SAGA, Vol. 1 - Delicious Talk Podcast, Episode #25

Hi Listeners!

Episode 25 is a special edition of Delicious Talk! The first installment of our all new Twilight series!

With Breaking Dawn Part 1 coming out on November 18th, Nadine and Anika share their thoughts on the series, and their excitement for Breaking Dawn!

Chime in with your thoughts and let us know what you'd like to hear us talk more about in the series!

Preview (2:58)

Full episode (11:03)



Blair said...

I can. not. wait! for Breaking Dawn! I am such a Twilight junkie it's not even funny!!

You guys are funny! I agree about the Renesmee storyline, kinda corny but it works theatrically!

connie5781 said...

I agree, Bella looked pasty in the first movie. and it's really silly the whole baby thing. I read the books and hated Breaking Dawn. It really wasn't very intelligent. Meyers ruined the series.

connie5781 said...

I still eager to see the movie too and hope they don't make everyone wait a year to see part 2.

Terry said...

I am hyperventilating to see this movie!!! The trailer is unbelievable!!!

Alison said...

Is it November 18th yet???

I totally agree about the crazy Renesmee nonesense, but somehow I'm still hooked! I read the books and really liked New Moon best.

Tanya Pillaron said...

Eclipse was my favorite book, with Twilight a close second!

I enjoyed listening to your podcast, the series is addicting!

Dotty J. said...

10 days and counting!!

Sarah Lakewood said...

Enjoyed your conversation and the Twilight soundtrack playing in the background!! I'll follow your series on iTunes!

Sarah Lakewood, GA

Barb Mackenzie said...

I just listened to your full discussion...picked this up on YouTube....now watching the premiere live!
I haven't read the books either, not my thing.
I can't wait for this film!!

Barb (TwiMom)

Delicious Talk ❧ said...

Just saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 - AWESOME!!

Stay tuned for our second Twilight installment! We'll tell you our favorite scenes!

Blair said...

I saw Breaking Dawn you guys!! O.M.G. I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about it!!!