Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #24

We're back!

In episode 24, Nadine and Anika are back after a brief hiatus, just in time to weigh in on the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, which began today; the release of the Iranian "Hikers;" Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars; the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia; and Dr. Phil's interview with Casey Anthony's parents, George & Cindy!

Let us hear your thoughts - chime in!

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Yachay Quechua said...

Yachay Quechua said...
Well, welcome back Delicious Talk. It's about that time we get our thrist quench again eh?

Let me ask, were these three so-called Iranian hikers Amaricans who leave more appropriate venue to climb--is it spying? Now I think considering everything in reports say in the case , Dr. Conrad Murray should waive the witness stand.

I myself believe fully in captal punishment, but let it be done under the unequivocal due process of justice. Did the evidence used in Mr. Troy Davis' case proves vividly enough that he committed the crime?

Blair said...

Heeey! Great to see you ladies are back!

I follow the Murray trial and I think he's toast. I agree with Nadine, he should be liable, he got too greedy!! I'm a die-hard MJ fan, but everybody could see he was gonna end up that way sooner or later. The doctor on the take and on duty at the time would take the rap!

Never thought about those hikers not really hiking...good point!

SMH about Troy Davis! Outrage!!

Sick of all things Casey Anthony. The mother is a douche. The father needs to haul ass, he deserves so much better!!


Jax and Bastian said...

Welcome back!! Another great show that had has cracking up on the daily commute!!

Jessie said...

Yo, you guys are so wrong for that Chaz Bono stuff! Cracking up here!

connie5781 said...

The MJ trial just shows what celebrities can do with their money right? Conrad Murray was definitely on the take for the money. I'm curious how the jury will vote in this case.

I think it's very sad about the Troy Davis case. He should've received a new trial if witness took back their testimony!

Your take on the hikers is LOL funny!!

I agree George and Cindy will eventually divorce. I don't see how a marriage can survive that kind of disagreement. If I thought my daughter killed my grandchild, but my husband didn't or the other way around, that's a serious problem.

Chaz Bono has a lot of people confused!! hahaha

Delicious Talk ❧ said...

@Yachay We don't know all the details, but there was apparently enough holes in the State's original case to warrant a new trial.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and sharing your own thoughts with us - keep them coming!

Elaine said...

Cindy Anthony is full of it. George should leave her and find a woman that has some sense! We can see where Casey got her killer streak from!! Cindy lies at every turn!