Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #21

Can you say SHOCKED?

In Episode 21, we're discussing the JAW-DROPPING not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Was there justice for Caylee Anthony? Where the jurors bribed? Share your thoughts.

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Monica said...

I commend you guys for being able to talk about this so soon after. I can't talk about this verdict without crying. I remember being angry during the OJ Simpson trial but this is more so because this is a little girl.....her little girl..........The 12 people failed her but I hope the rest of society doesn't fail her. I couldn't stomache watching the footage and her snug smiling and laughing. I hope they find something to jail her for and they throw the book at her. Her Great Grandpa sang please don't take my sunshine away and casey took everybody's sunshine away.

Blair said...

I agree 100% that there is something wrong and I wouldn't be surprised if money exchanged hands!! How could 12 people say there wasn't evidence showing Casey committed this murder?? Did they really think George could've been involved?? There is NO evidence of anyone but Casey!!!

connie5781 said...

I can't believe she got off either. Major failure in our justice system when a girl can party for a month after her kid "accidentally drowns" drive around with the dead body, lie to police ad nauseam and get away with murder!!!

Blair said...

The juror that spoke out said that since the state couldn't prove cause of death, they couldn't convict....guess Scott Peterson shouldn't be on death row then!

Jax and Bastian said...

That jury must've been senile to let her off. Caylee's hair was found in the trunk of her car with evidence of decomposition, CAsey did searches for how to make chloroform, and that was found in the trunk, she was partying and lying to everyone about where Caylee was, she'd made up a fake job and fake nanny for years. No evidence?? There was no justice in this case, I don't know what happened, but there was no justice and another murder will walk the streets! We are outraged!