Thursday, June 30, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #19 - Race Series, Vol. 3

Snap. Crackle. Pop! Sparks fly in the 3rd installment of our ground-breaking race series. In Part 1, guest panelist Cheryl Thompson joins us to discuss growing up in New York with bigoted parents.

In Part 2, the ladies discuss Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo's comments on The View...unfortunately, things didn't go so well. Listen in and join the conversation.

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Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed the segment and was upset with the end of your conversation, being so heated and leading to unanswered questions with Shelly leaving the broadcast.
Having the honor of joining you all in the first part I saw it was a passionate subject with all of you and it's a shame that you have disagreements between each other because of different views and most likely lifestyles. I hope to hear you all mend fences next week! I am not the media person you all seem to be I tend to watch more political shows and stay away from most tv. I find your shows fun and enjoyable!!

Monica said...

I enjoyed this. I didn't know Nadine looked like until I saw the photos from Disneyland. I enjoyed not knowing what my online friends looked like. I like how there aren't certain characteristics that defines a race. Nadine can love listening to Elvis, and Judy Garland. I'm white and LOVE listening to Motown. I also listen to classic rock and country music.

My diversity teacher who also handles discrimination at my community college was talking about the second part of your segment. Nebraska was voting to do away with affirmative action and he wrote an article in the newspaper about why we still need affirmitive action.

I enjoy listening to you ladies every week.

Blair said...

Blair from Denver here. Great interview with Cheryl, I'm always fascinated to hear from a white person's perspective!!

Ladies, I'm one of your podcast's regular listeners and just like the previous comments, I feel really bad about how this wrapped. I think Nadine could've let Shelly finish what she was saying before calling her on not answering the question of progress from how things are, even though Shelly did start analyzing and critiquing what she thought Nadine's answer was without giving her own suggestions to progress, and it seems like Shell did not really have a good answer herself and that made her defensive in the way she was answering; and I agree with Nadine that is where the progress died; and Shelly did take it too far when she got rude. Everyone is sensitive about the race debate, especially Shelly since Nadine wasn't rude to her, but she got rude to both Nadine and Anika (and the whole race discussion platform!!) when she said she had better things to do, I agree that was below the belt, condescending and immature---sorry. I know a lot of folks who hit below the belt to win an argument, it happens all the time like Shelly did it on here. All she had to do was give her own answer instead of focusing on Nadine's sensitivity cause she shut up long enough for her to answer instead of attacking.

I really hope you all work this out and Shelly rejoins the show!! We are all adults right?? Work it out ladies!!

I also agree with what Ellen Pompeo said. We should focus on working toward more unity.

Jessie said...

I enjoyed the dialogue and was saddened at the fall out. The person who left seemed to butt heads with both of the others so maybe that shows the problem right there?

As the comments above express, I hope the ladies can work out their differences and keep the dialogue about race going.


Jessie said...

I forgot to mention I agree with Monica above. Our likes and dislikes do not define us!! "Race" is just a word, not the reality people try to make it. Music is music.


connie5781 said...

I forgot I had this on my iPod and just got around to listening to the whole thing! No wonder Shelly hasn't been on lately, I didn't know this happened!! I am so sorry about this disagreement. Most of us avoid these talks about racial issues for that very reason.

You ladies seem well-intended here and I am sorry it got so heated. I think Nadine is right that we can't talk about it without being respectful and mindful that we are all sensitive to talks about race.

I enjoyed the guest, it was nice to hear her share her experiences with race growing up on Long Island.