Friday, June 24, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #18

In episode 18, Nadine and Anika discuss the latest in the Casey Anthony capital murder trial, with commentary on New York State Rep. Anthony Weiner's recent photo scandal!

Let us know your thoughts!

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Blair said...

I agree that Casey will have to testify if her story about her father and brother sexually abusing her stands. If they renege on it, it will make the defense look bad after promising to show that.

Weiner was a weiner. Enuf said. Haha!


connie5781 said...

Hello Ladies, another great show!

I don't see how Casey Anthony can take the stand. Any attorney worth his or her salt would not let her do it. It would be nuts! Linda Drane Burdick would rip her to shreds!

Yacha Quechua said...

Ha ha ha oh yes! Delicious talk continues its' intrigue, and I really this one. This defendant "queen" if she takes the stand do you formulate what a sight that would be? Ha ha!

Justine Hanks said...

Casey's spiteful bitch comment is very revealing. I think it's true that she was upset with Cindy to the point where she killed Caylee because she knew how much her parents loved her. Very spiteful. It's amazing this family remained so blind to Casey's lies and true colors. None of us are safe if she walks the streets.

I agree she has to take the stand to provide the evidence of molestation and what happened when Caylee allegedly drowned. -- Justine