Monday, June 6, 2011

BISHOP EDDIE LONG, CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL - Delicious Talk Podcast, Episode #17

In episode #17: Atlanta mega-church televangelist Bishop Eddie Long settled for $15 million with the four young men who sued him for sexual misconduct; and we also dish about the drama going on in the Casey Anthony murder trial!

What do you think about Bishop Long's settlement? Casey Anthony's bombshell opening statement? Please chime in with your comments!

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Blair said...

C'mon ladies - if Casey Anthony was a black girl, we wouldn't even know her name. The case wouldn't be getting attention at all. It's only because she's a pretty white girl with a pretty dead daughter.

As for Eddie Long - cracked up at him selling workout vids! LOL and not surprised he settled! People going to that church and giving him their money are CRAZY!

Yacha Quechua said...

All of these kind of things that we're preoccupied by, only become a distraction from the whole orientation of white supremacist landscape of the American thinking. It's delirious!

connie5781 said...

I figured Bishop Long would have to settle the lawsuits. I just wonder if the church members will really stick around. Will it be business as usual? He's going to do this again if he isn't already.....Casey Anthony? Child killer!! I agree she is the devil and little Caylee deserves justice! Boo to the defense! There is no defense for her!


Justine Hanks said...

My husband and I are glued to the Casey Anthony trial. We're getting such a kick out of your Twitter commentary on the trial too---Baez really does suck donkey balls. Why should there be blood in Casey's trunk if the defense claims she drowned? We're still scratching our heads on why he spent an entire day on expert testimony about how there was no blood in the trunk or on the clothing.--Justine