Friday, May 13, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #14

Snap. Crackle. Pop! 

Things get heated in episode #14 as Nadine, Shelly and Anika talk Jill Scott's controversial comments on about interracial relationship!

Other hot topics: Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger split, Chaz Bono trans-gendering, Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) on Oprah, Elgin Charles - Beverly Hills Fabulous, White House invitation controversy: Jill Scott and rapper Common, Celebrity Apprentice & more!

Listen in and please chime in with your comments!

Preview (4:36)

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Anonymous said...

Members of the royal family immediate lineage don't have last names. They have about ten first names followed by their position or title.

This is my first listen, interesting show ladies.

Yacha Quechua said...

Ha ha! Look, people need to diminish their admiration for the so-called Royal Family. Because they are only ancient bloodline folks who retain power used to kill and oppressed others, extract ill gotten gain from which they now sit thereon and flaunt, while people adore them, I find it very ironical to say the least.
On the sex change done from either side, these victims are automatically exonerated from people's judgments of them, if that is not the attitude to it, then who has the jurisdiction over this sexual snafu of their affliction? On the race issue, I must admit that the voices of reason were intelligibly formidable. Great session!

Blair said...

This was a good session!! I was cracking up over the penis thing! Who cares if Chaz gets one or not?? That's between him and his woman!

As for Jill Scott's article, I think she's too emotional. I tend to agree with Nadine that she wouldn't have a problem with it unless there was a problem with her self esteem! Lotta people disagree with that but it's true. If a black man wants to passover a black woman because they think a white woman is superior, what has that got to do with me unless I accept his opinion as a fact? Then I feel bad about myself and blame his actions for it!! Lotta black women suffer from low self-esteem we don't wanna cop to!!

That being said, I agree there was no reason Common or Jill Scott should not have been invited to the White House!

connie5781 said...

Interracial relationships are very nice to see and I don't think either race should have a problem with it at all. I totally have to agree that it is a matter of self esteem if it pains you to see men of your race being with other races! I also agree that it was ridiculous to make a big deal about those two going to the White House. Jon Stewart had a great point about that in an interview on The O'Reilly Factor.