Thursday, April 28, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #12

In episode #12, Nadine, Anika and Shelly dish about LaToya Jackson getting the boot on this week's Celebrity Apprentice, William's and Kate's Royal Wedding, Oprah ending her show, death row inmates and organ donations, and the latest movies we've seen!

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Full episode (21:33)



Blair said...

Did you guys see LaToya was brought back?? So surprised Donald took her back!

What royal wedding?? Osama Bin Laden news made that totally irrelevant!

I think death row inmates should be allowed to donate their organs. I mean, why not let it me voluntary for them just like everyone else??

I saw Water for Elephants too!! It was magnificent!! Reese and Rob have mad chemistry and I can see Oscar buzz all over the place for that movie!! I did love the book!

Another great show ladies!


connie5781 said...

I think inmates who wish to donate their organs should be allowed to. As long as it's voluntary, as the ladies say, I don't see a reason not to put their organs to use saving other lives. At least their deaths aren't all about revenge and punishment then right?

I've seen Little Fockers, Black Swan, and Water for Elephants and I liked WFE best! Blair's comments are spot on, I will be very surprised if it doesn't lead in oscar nominations for this year!! Great film, they don't make movies like that anymore!! And I couldn't believe the things that magnificent creature of Rosie the elephant could do!! Amazing! It's a must see movie, sweet and poignant and touching. I cried in some scenes. Little Fockers was laugh out loud funny and I am a huge Bobby De Niro fan! I always love to see Don Corleone do comedy!

Enjoyed listening to the show ladies!!

Sonyaa said...

The royal wedding has been a royal pain and I'm glad it's over! Organ donation is a more worthwhile subject and I say that inmates are people, too. Let them donate.

Entertaining show!