Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode #10

In this week's short and sweet episode, Nadine, Shelly and Anika dish about hot topics: Donald Trump vs. President Obama on the birth certificate issue vs. Bill Cosby, Glenn Beck's exiting Fox News Channel, and was Chris Brown snubbed backstage on Dancing With the Stars? And what's the deal with Pia's exit on American Idol?

Listen in, and as always, please leave us your comments!

Full episode (15:14)



Blair said...

I think Donald won't run at all - he won't give up The Apprentice for anything!! LOL

Agree about him making a fool himself on the birth certificate trip. Please, Donald!! It makes his poll numbers climb, so he's sticking to it!

Chris Brown needs to step out of the public eye for a couple years, then come back with hit record. People have a bad taste in their mouths on him now. Window incident was too much.

Like this short and sweet show! LOL


Sonyaa said...

I wish I could find a podcast that I listened to about Sarah Palin. There's evidence that she wasn't born in the U.S. and that her whole background is made up. They've even interviewed those that she supposedly went to college with and nobody knows who she is. But of course this information is not highlighted on the local news or even investigated on a large scale. Another note: Supposedly there's evidence that Bush Sr. wasn't born in the US either. So, yes, lay off of Obama!

Thanks for the delicious talk ladies! It was yummy!

Yachay Quechua said...

I applause the point emphasized here, that the Donald really initiates his presidential interest on a non probative note, one you'd expect from a less than brilliant brain. He should approach it on his strongest skein, power which he has used to plummet to financial success, not on the back of what's known today as the "Bertha" I guess. What will he do if that goes no where?