Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delicious Talk Podcast - Episode 4

We're back! Juicier than ever with 45 minutes of hot topics!

Things got quite heated spicy this week as Nadine, Shelly, & Anika serve up a hot dish of social commentary! Other topics include:

Rihanna's performance at the NBA All Stars Game, Jennifer Hudson discussing her weight loss on Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant's Oprah showdown, Whoopi Goldberg blasting the New York Times' Hollywood Whiteout article, the State of Michigan closing down schools, The Apprentice, Halle Berry's custody battle, Tiger Woods' infamous voice mail, Eliot Spitzer, Anderson Cooper, 2011 Grammy Awards, 2011 Oscars, Republicans Waging a War Against Women?, U.S. welfare system broken?

We ran long this week...not hard to tell why! Enjoy the discussion and let us know what you think!



Jax and Bastian said...

We were cracking up when you guys said something about Jennifer Hudson looking like a donkey if she lost anymore weight! LMAO!! Didn't even hear much after that for the laughing in the car, we download it and listen on the drive! Too funny!

Agree the AfAm label is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Rihanna has a great voice but isn't a performer, can't compete with a Beyonce or even Alicia Keyes.

Entertaining and informative as always, ladies, and most of all lots of laughs and fun....keep it up!

Blair said...

Loved it, loved it! I think I peed my pants at that looking like a donkey part! ROAR!

Also true about Rihanna, she cannot dance or sing live.

Halle Berry? Over it, next.

Oprah and Iyanla? Very honest.

Whoopi was trippin'. I agree actors just need to get over themselves! They act like they're better than live-saving physicians and chemists!

People are taking to the streets like Nadine said. Rallies happening at a lot of state capitals! Fight for your rights!

Great discussion, good mix of serious and hilarious, girls!!

Connie Sales said...

Very funny ladies!!


Anonymous said...

I just saw Rihanna's ALL STAR performance and I don't think her legs look big!