Saturday, December 11, 2010

Delicious Talk Podcast - #1

The premiere episode is now live!

This week, Nadine and Shelly dish mostly about Barbara Walters' Oprah Winfrey & 10 Most Fascinating People specials, both aired this past Thursday, Dec. 9.

Thoughts? Join the conversation with your comments!

DeliciousTalk#1 by DeliciousTalk


Connie Sales said...

This was fun, you girls are funny! I totally agree about Sarah-we've-had-enough-of-you-Palin! and Barbara Wawa definitely needs to retire already! She looks like a light breeze could blow her over when she comes out on the View! LOL

Oprah I love! I think she's doing the best she can with her parents whether their issues are resolved or not. Sometimes only death resolves some pains! Sad, but true! I think her comments about Gayle King are touching, we all want friends who stick by us like that!

Good conversation ladies!!


Blair said...

I like Oprah, but I think she can be two-faced sometimes. She has her television persona but off camera she's pretty full of herself and diva-ish. I give her props for giving back and using her wealth and power to help others, but she's far from living her best life off camera. JMHO......BW's top ten list was whack and it usually is. It's past time for her to hang up the mic and exit stage left.

J-lo is so yesterday. Marc Anthony has that on lock. No more Benifer nonsense so her public persona has lost luster.

Jersey Shore?? Moving on.

The rest weren't too bad. She really held nothing back on her questions with Oprah! I was like, whoa Barbara don't hold back!

Enjoying listening to you guys! What do you think about The View co-hosts? And The Talk? Do you think The View could work without Babs??

Yachay Quechua said...

This is an interesting venue and the ladies are happy and seem to be having fun delving into some current events here.
My take of Oprah and the 10 Most Fascinating People? Well, while Oprah isn't unparalleled in her personal character, she's definitely incomparable in achievements, hands down!

I have got to consider what should make an individual "fascinating" and fit for national or international appeal. Oprah is appealing for a number of things that she does, yes. Just the mere assent from rags to affluence by actually working from 9 to 5 every day is in and of itself very appealing, I'd say. For her benevolence in general and for creating opportunities for others.

Then the fascination with Sarah Palin I think is due to her attractiveness and her role in various political controversies.

I don't have much knowledge of most of the others except the famous Barbara Walters whom I watched on television for many years. Lets make Barbara a vintage of journalism, who stands up tall like an obelisk, but she doesn't seem to have any concern for anybody else but Barbara, maybe fair to say so.

Just asking the question, have you heard of anyone who she has taken under her wing and mentored, or helped out in any other ways? For someone of her longevity in such a well opportune position, she should accrue fame for more than her long-time achievements. Ironically, it seems to me like Barbara’s the one who got into the business by watching Oprah!

Bastian & Jax said...

Wife and I downloaded and listened to you guys in the car, we were LOL, very funny. We certainly agree that Barbara Wawa needs to retire b/c she's no longer relevant. She quit doing the Oscar specials because Oprah started doing them and Wawa knew her specials can't compete with the big O's.

We'll bookmark you guys and listen out for the next show, it's fun.

Bastian and Jax said...

We wanted to add that the Barbara Walters love-fest with the Palins might be over since Sarah didn't like her part of the 10 Most Fascinating People show! The way Barbara was defending her at every turn, we thought she was on the payroll! lol

Justine said...

I agree about Barbara Walters over-staying her welcome, so to speak. She's way beyond her "best by" date. Oprah I love. I'm really looking forward to OWN.

You ladies are entertaining. Looking forward to next time.